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A Personal Testimony and Invitation. 5/20/2022

It was before I was 10 years old that I responded to an altar call and made a commitment to Jesus. Since that time, I have more or less followed a Christian lifestyle. At the age of 25 in 1955 I married a young woman who is more committed to Jesus than I. At least she maintains a personal devotional life of daily Bible reading and prayer. Many years ago I decided to follow her and chose a daily Bible reading plan that had selections from both Old and New testaments each day so that by following that plan the New Testament would be read twice and the Old Testament once each year. Using that plan I was able to maintain a consistent devotional life until December 2, 2020 when I fell and crushed the neck of my left femur. It was pinned back in place the next day but that interrupted my devotional life. Now after 18 months I am seeking a new start.

A few days ago I discovered an “Ap” called “biblestudytogether” I am finding it to be very helpful in my personal devotional life.  I am wondering is there any one who visits this web site who  would join me? Please indicate that by leaving a prayer request such as I have done. Paul McM.

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