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Light in Darkness

It is appropriate to initate this new aspect of our web site with Suzi Hebert's meditation, "Light in Darkness," presented December 28, 2019. She begins by carrying us with beautifully crafted prose into the life of a 14 year old girl as she meditates amidst the beauties of early Summer outside Nazereth. Mary spontaneousy submits to the will of God and only later considers the significant consequences.

Similarly we find Elizabeth and Joseph called. Elizabeth recognizing Mary's child as her Lord defers to Mary. Joseph humbly accepts his role as caretaker and guardian of Mary and her child.

God has a place for each of us in His plan. I tell students who visit the Alfred Shryock Museum of embryogy that each of us has a unique genome. Each of us is one of a kind and God has a place for each of us in His plan. I pray that I will be available to cooperate with his plan for my life.



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