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Paper Airplane Ministry 
(Video - Paper Airplane Gospel)

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Everyone is fascinated by the flight of a paper airplane especially when that flight is smooth, straight and sustained. It is even more thrilling when that airplane is one that you have folded. The Cobra designed by Alex Schultz is a plane ( that lends itself very nicely to carrying a message on its wings and folded into its nose. A fleet of such airplanes bearing "Salvation Couplet" messages is now available as well as one that invites children and adults to worship at Victoria. The Salvation couplets are designed as oval medallions.  They are labled:

Servant of All - - Let this mind be in you
Crucified Savior - - Living Lord
Receiving Grace - - Living Grace
Buried with Him - - A New Creation
Love for God - - Love for Neighbors
I Will Return - - He Is Coming Again

When these are taken to public places such as parks or the Orange Show people, not just children, will gather around when we teach them how to fold the airplane. A basic gospel narration has been written that can be illustrated by the various folds. In this way we can engage them in spiritual conversation and invite them to church or to study the Bible.

Begin planning how you can make use of these the next time you go to a park.  You can down load the following pdf files so that you can print your own airplanes to fold.  If you would like to receive pdf files that identify your church send your information to

AirplaneA - AirplaneB - AirplaneC - AirplaneD - AirplaneE - AirplaneF -

Paper Airplane Gospel is a script designed to be used while folding AirplaneE.