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  • November Featured Sermons

    Announced by Paul McMillan on Oct 31 2019

    Nov.  9     11:00       Pastor McMillan, “Tradition 1”

                                  2 Thess. 2:1-5

    Nov.  16   11:00       Pastor McMillan, “Tradition 2”

                                  2 Thess. 3:6-13
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    Humans are the most mobile of creatures. It has always been so. The Bible can be read as the story of human migration: out of Eden, on the ark over a flooded world, from Ur to Canaan, from Egypt to Canaan, to “the ends of the earth.” Today we can circle half the globe in less than a day, on a single commercial flight. We even think of our church as the “Great Advent Movement.”

    Paul’s command to “stand firm and hold fast” comes as a bit of a corrective to our mobile tendencies. Perhaps it is because we are so mobile that we crave ritual and tradition. While Jesus often criticized the religious leaders of his day for holding to tradition, Paul encouraged it. How should we relate to tradition? Christian tradition? Adventist tradition? When should we stand firm? When should we let go? In November we will be looking at tradition in two parts: the value of teaching, and the value of work. Please join us as we grow together. Pastor McMillan

  • Parking Lot Lights

    Announced by Paul McMillan on Oct 16 2019

    Victoria is hosting a Master Gardener class that meets each Tuesday evening until the New Year. The parking lot is beyond capacity every Tuesday evening and three of our 4 lights have failed. They have now been replaced with LED lamps at a cost of about $1600. That will come out of The Father's House fund and that fund is already in the "Red". To top it off one of our backflow devices sprung a leak. That cost $2,000 to replace. Father's House fund is for maintianing church property when unexpected expenses arise. Please Help.
  • Diet and Foods Class

    Announced by Paul McMillan on Sep 22 2019

    Each Wednesday until Nov. 27 at 7:00 p.m. Come and learn how your choice of diet and foods influences in addition to your physical health your emotional and spiritual life.